The Mummy's Curse
Mummy's curse book alternate
Author Zed Storm
Publisher Parragon Books
Preceded by Will Solvit and the Mission of Menace -
Followed by Will Solvit and the Dreaded Droids
Will Solvit and the Mummy's Curse is the third book in the Will Solvit series. 


When Will Solvit is assigned a project on th eEgyptians a project on the Egyptians, he didn't expect to find himself on a real-life trip to Egypt, where he descovers

  • One Egyptologist
  • One cursed tomb
  • Some very treacherous traps
  • A temple full of zombie mummies

With the help of a new friend, Will attepts to rescue a long-lost family member while finding the answer to an ancient curse

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